We are thrilled with the house and think that you are each professionals. I want you each to know that we think you are all doing a tremendous job. Among all the choices and selections we have had to make for our house, our decision to hire Baker Construction has been the best selection yet. --- RM

We really appreciate your hard work, especially with the difficulties that have been encountered. Not only is the house really coming along nicely, but the site in general, was in great shape, organized and very clean. A lot of work has been completed lately and we recognize your efforts to push the project to successful completion. Great job! --- KQ & EB

We really enjoyed building our dream house with Baker Construction. They worked hard to build us an amazing house. Anytime we faced a construction dilemma we never had to wait long for a solution to the problem. I felt they were always working on our behalf, always advocating for us the homeowner, especially when working with the various trades. We couldn't be happier with our house. They have always just wanted us to be happy in our home. I would highly recommend working with them to anyone. --KE

You were wonderful to work with during the construction phase. The quality of construction is the best in Lincoln Park and noticeable to all! In addition, whenever there were minor repairs or adjustments that needed to be made, your staff was so attentive and so helpful in a prompt manner. I can't say enough about your group . Your integrity in building and your professionalism is unmatched in the city! So thanks, again. --BM

I was blown away by the professional work that has been done by all of you. I feel that I am working in another league. It really is a pleasure. Thank you. --SW

The folks at Baker clearly understand the game of residential rehabbing. We hired Baker Construction Group to completely rehab our 100-year-old two flat into a single-family residence. The company gutted the entire thing from tearing the entire floors out to digging up the basement. The only things that were still standing were the four walls. They did a phenomenal job. Warren Baker and Lane Epstein are true visionaries. They are hands-on. They have worked so long together and have so much technical expertise. They have a great eye for detail. --PB

It was obvious that everyone at Baker really cared – and we really appreciate it. Lane always did exactly what he said he would . He did a top-notch job of communicating throughout the project. Lane did not just do what we asked, he added real value with his recommendations. Steven makes things happen and was thoughtful in his problem-solving approach. Most importantly, Steven never takes any short-cuts. He understands the concept of "doing it right." He did an excellent job of following up, so I didn’t have to. The carpenters were solid, skilled men who consistently took pride in their work. --DR

Thank you for your patience, good will, and continued efforts. My wife visited the house and is thrilled by the progress, the quality, and she is enjoying the overall experience of building our new home. --EW

It shall always be with pleasure and gratitude our paths have crossed. My primary reason for writing is to say "thank you" for the efforts you and your people made along the way. --ES

I am extremely happy in my new home….. there are no words that can describe how truly grateful and appreciative I am. I will never forget your honesty and integrity. One of the first things I heard about Baker was you "are such a good builder" and you’ll "always do what you say you will do." They were right. You are the best. You were genuinely concerned about my happiness in my new home. --JT

We greatly appreciate the professionalism and dedication with which your team worked the past month. We’d like to thank your whole team for a great job identifying and fixing the structural beam and roofing problems left by the previous builder and then putting our house back together. We now fully understand why our friends continually talk about how great your team is to work with and we certainly look forward to working with you guys on less agonizing and more exciting renovations to our home. -- DZ

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