Smart Laundromat


In late 2020, Baker Construction Group was hired to build a first-of-its-kind Tide Laundromat on Chicago’s far north side. In partnership with local owners and their design team, along with engineers and designers from Tide’s parent company and an international appliance manufacturer, we were able to complete the work in just a few months, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We demolished the existing coin laundromat and completely reconstructed the complex plumbing, ventilation, lighting and data cabling systems needed to run this groundbreaking “smart” laundromat. The laundry machines are fully automated: after putting their garments in the machines, the customers select detergents and other products through proprietary software. The machines automatically determine water levels, temperatures, and cycle timing, and most importantly, the detergents are automatically “dosed” to the machines through a sophisticated pumping system. Customers can enjoy the modern, colorful, brightly lit environment while the machines do all the work.